Male Acuminatus Pics

Cameron B

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Hey all!,

Haven't posted photos in general for a long while so figured I would take a few today. I usually just keep these to myself and a few friends. :)




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He is a beautiful guy. He looks just like mine. I can tell quads apart but so far all the acuminatus look the same to me but I do love my pair.


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Jimmy Durante

Wow! What great photos. I never would have guessed there'd be so many different, unusual, and just plain awesome Chamies! Thanks for posting these, No I want one ... if only I had the room. :(


Awesome pictures.. really wish I had the time to get in on that Acuminatus import.... really hope that we see some babies here in the next couple months.


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Just a quick update pic on this guy. Still going strong! :)

Still looking very good!!!!
I'm about to bring in the last of these I fear as they went on red list and I don't expect them to be available much longer. I'm very happy we got as many as we did into this country as I think we have enough here now to have a chance at getting them established.
Keep up the good care it's obviously working well.
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