Making Friends Again


Greetings all,
I have a 1yr old Panther gal, she was very relaxed and ‘friendly’ but after hospitalization/force feeding and general over the top handling she certainly hates me and all two legged species that come near. Does anyone have any suggestions so we can be friends again? Many thanks


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Find his favorite feeder and begin only offering that by hand. I start offering it on a long clear plastic spoon. I don't like tongs because of the risk of tongue injury. Offer it from below not at his level or above he will feel threatened keep you head low as well. Expect to be refused for a while and have a numb arm. Once he begins to take the bait start working your hand up closer on the spoon until you can hold the bowl of the spoon in your hand. Then if you hate bugs like I do hand feed that way but offer your hand for him to climb on to get the bug. It's all about baby steps.
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