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My veiled Is currently in the process of laying eggs. This will be the first time she has laid eggs. The whole thing makes me nervous cause of the chance of becoming egg bound. She has been poking around her egg laying bin for a couple of days and today when I woke up I saw that she had dug around in it a bit so I checked but no eggs. so I get it set back up and go about my day and now she's back to digging.
Is there anything I should look out for? How long can she go without laying the eggs before I should be worried? What happens when she's done laying her eggs? Will the eggs be hard?
I'm sure she will be okay but it's mostly me that's stressed about the situation mostly because I've never experienced eggs being laid.


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She should lay them all at once. Give her complete privacy while she is digging/ laying. If she sees you to many times during digging she can abandon her hole and become egg bound. Cover the bottom half of her cage for more privacy.


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She may dig several test holes before deciding on one to lay in. Once she is done she will return to her branches all dirty and a lot skinnier and very hungry/ thirsty. They do such a good job covering the hole you will have no idea where they are in the bin. Feel around for the hard compact area.


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Each female is a little different. The digging can happen fairly fast or take several days.

The egglaying also can be as short as a couple of hours or can take a day/night. Most veiled females I've had will start to lay in the evening and may finish in the evening or stay in the hole all night.

If she doesn't do what we've already described and becomes lethargic, sleeps during the day, sits low in the cage...then let us know.

If the eggs are infertile then when she's done and has returned to her branches for a while...I dig them up and count them and let us know how any she laid.

Good luck!

I have a flannel bed sheet up for the winter to help with heat and humidity. It's also pretty nice for privacy because she's a bit sassy and will get upset if you even look at her sometimes. I try to leave it open during the day unless it gets cold but luckily it's a cold day and she needs privacy.
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