Magical Fountain?

I understand that fountains are bad for chameleons, the only reason that I took this one into mind was because it has a cleaning filter inside of it that keeps the water clean.

I would like to know why you think it would be bad?

The cleaning filter inside is only meant to keep it clean enough for cats or dogs, but not delicate chamleleons. And not clean enough to wash out poop that has plooped into it.
I can't even really picture a chameleon drinking out of it.
Thanks for the link though. I want to get one for my cats!
Seriously, maybe they'll stop splashing water out of the toilet.

Are fountains bad?

I have not built or bought a cage yet but am in the serious planning stages. I am wanting to get a pair of Jackson's and have two seperate cages built into one with a solid divider between them. I was figureing on haveing a cascading fountain in each, is that a bad thing? Should I go with just the dripper?

Yes fountains are very bad...

The water won't be clean enough for your chameleon to drink out of unless you are cleaning it (sterilizing it) every single day which is a whole lot more work than a dripper if you really think about it.

Even though the water is moving constantly, it is still recycling itself which doesn't stop the water from growing bacteria, chameleons are very delicate creatures and even the smallest amount of bacteria can be very harmful to them.

Crickets also like to somehow always find their way into the fountain which contaminates the water and also kills your chameleons food.

And last but not least, chameleons also like to poop in their water, which again is very unsanitary and contaminates the water.

I tried a fountain out for a while but it was alot of work and pretty pointless when you can just get a dripper. I also spray my chameleon and her cage down with hot water twice a day, she loves it, and it's a good way for her to absorb moisture and she usually just drinks the water off the leaves.

So anyway, yes fountains are bad, get a dripper or rig one up yourself and they'll just drink the water as it drips.

-Drop the waterfall idea.
-Invest in a misting system over drippers.
-Drippers are easily built DIY.
-Prvide plenty of dense live plants for Jacksons.
Is the filter in the fountain a carbon filter or what? Would a carbon filter thats usually made for aquariums clean the water recycled in a fountain? (just a thought).
mist systems are a excellent way to keep chameleons hydrated.
once you get one you won't never want to go without one.
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