Macros, how do they look?


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Okay, maybe I'm getting the hang of this picture posting thing. Here's a few random marcos of some of the 39 eggs I got a couple days ago. Do they look fertilized...all plump and that colour. I didn't alter colours.





Don't take this as gospel, as this is purely my opinion and you should never throw them out until they mold....but they look too thin to be fertile. All my fertile eggs are rounder than that, and the thin ones that resemble yours are usually not fertile. Hope you prove me wrong, though:)


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This is what I need to know....I will maintain all temps and humidity and whatnot. I need to see more in the way of photos of fertile and not fertile.....thanks for that...any one with pictures or info would be great.
Here are some fertile eggs. Notice how they are fat in the middle rather than long and thin as yours appear to be. It's not a huge difference, but when you see enough of them, it gets easier to distinguish.
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