Lump at the anal opening


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Please take your little guy to the vet ASAP as that could be, or be the start of a prolapse. If the tissue dries out he will be in real danger. It is already looking a little dry. Perhaps a nice shower as well.

I have no personal experience with it but I've read to keep it moist, perhaps with Vaseline. Hopefully someone with experience can chime in here.
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Oh yeah, vet asap and ask them if they have experience with reptiles or chameleons. Definitely shower and keep moist until then, I would check if Vaseline is safe for them.


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That appears to be a large sperm plug and not an everted hemipene. You can try soaking your chameleon in shallow water to see if that loosens up. Sperm plugs can be manually removed but if you are not comfortable doing so, then I recommend a veterinarian do it.

Here is what the our Chameleon Care Resources page says about sperm deposits and sperm plugs.

Sexually mature male chameleons form an exudate of sperm in the hemipenes. This is normally expelled during defecation – sometimes the male will evert one or both of his hemipenes to free the matter – and looks like white rubbery sticky string. This is normal and needs no intervention. In cases where these aren't expelled normally sperm or seminal plugs then occur and these look like a small lump of dried feces at the corner(s) of the vent. If these are not removed they continue to build up and may cause some discomfort. Soaking the chameleon in a warm bath will help soften the material and may help the chameleon to push them out on their own. Hardened or enlarged plugs should be seen by a veterinarian for removal as damage to sensitive tissue can occur.


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Wow, thanks for the quick replies. So i just soak the chameleon is some luke warm water? for how long would you guys suggest?


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I stand corrected! :) :) I'm glad it's a sperm plug - it looked a little more than a sperm plug to me but I'm a noob compared to others.

Good luck! I hope it loosens up.
Is he going to the bathroom around it? Or is he plugged up? I'd try vasoline or KY jelly to keep it moist. Maybe it will soften it. If you can't gently get it out I'd head to the vet tomorrow.


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he is going to toilet but cos its plugged, it stretches the skin and causes some blood in the poop due to minor skin tear i think...


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It looks like an impacted sperm plug, especially if it feels hard. You can try to loosen it up with water and Vaseline but these can be really stuck in there and lead to infection. If it doesn't dislodge in next day or two I'd make a vet appointment with a reptile veterinarian to get it removed before it causes infection or other problems.


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Yay! That must have been so uncomfortable. Keep an eye on the area for any irritation or swelling, but he should be getting tons better now.


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Yes, indeed he is happier, there is a small little bit left right inside but i will just keep it moist and see if the little fella can get it off naturally.

The plug is so hard and huge initially, i thought its some sort of growth and a vet is needed. $$$$$

Luckily, i found this forum.
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