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Hey Chameleon Forums!

Back at the beginning of October, I was on a trip in NorCal and visited The Serpentarium. The only calcium with no d3 that they had in stock was the Lugarti brand. I bought this product, as they raved about how great it was. I was skeptical to try something new, especially since I'd never heard of that brand making calcium. Does anyone else have experience with it that can share their experience?

Anyway, I used the Lugarti calcium with no d3 from then until now. I've been using it with Repcal Hertivite Multivitamin and Repcal Calcium without d3. I'm almost out of the Lugarti and didn't know if it was worth purchasing another bottle or if I should switch back to what I was using in the past. Also, another reason I'd thought I'd reach out is to see if I should just play it safe and use a product that has more recorded results.

I'm not sure how one would determine the effectiveness of a calcium supplement. My best guess would be appearance of the cham (presence of MBD), behavior, properly calcified clutches, quality of offspring health, fecal analysis and bloodwork. Not sure if all of that is correct, or if it's been long enough to tell at determine a definitive answer at this point.

I know there's some people on the forum that understand this subject way better than I do, so I figured I'd get some input. Any sort of direction to go with providing/gathering the correct information will help.

I've attached pictures below of the Lugarti calcium. Also, the first clutch of eggs on the supplement from December 05, 2019. The second from February 06, 2020. The third clutch from February 10, 2020. The first and last clutch are retained sperm clutches from the same female. The second is a clutch from a second female that was paired over a month before laying them. Last pictures are three of my panther's that have been on this supplement from early October 2019. The male is just over a year old and the females are both over a year and a half old. The pictures of them are from December 29, 2019 till current. None have been modified.



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I use several Lugarti products. I have been using the same stuff for about 8 months. My females havent laid any eggs yet so i cant speak to that. i can say thet all appear quite healthy and very active. I also use their light ballasts with reflectors. No issues at all. I have spent a lot of time talking to the Serpentarium staff. Some breed reptiles and use the same stuff with good success. It really comes down to how you feel.
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