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well its been over 2 weeks since lucky ate on her own well over 2 weeks matter of fact and friday will be a week since i feed her carnivore by hand.

i been noticing her from time to time laying on her perching branch so as far as i can see she better eat something soon are shes gonna be a gonner, i don't know what her problem is maybe she can't eat on her own or maybe she don't mind dying , shes not even drinking that i can see so today i gave her some water with a syringe.
i don't beleive there is going to be another vet trip, first off its 30 minutes away which will most likely do more harm then good and i don't beleive theres much they can do besides recomending forcefeeding something which i can do here on my own.
she did take a huge crap yesterday that was probaly the carnivore mix so i was thinking maybe her stomach's been full and she just ain't been really hungry yet maybe.
i put some smaller crickets in her cage today. today i did notice her eyes are sagging a little, i decided to extend her eating deadline since she crapped so much after that deadline passes then im gonna pump her full of carnivore for a few days if she lives that much.

its difficult to tell what exactly her health is right now, at times she seems like shes not so bad then maybe your thinking she is bad her urates seemed ok from what i seen i would say her color is better at times.

11/27/2006 Lucky ate some food today on her own, i put a few crickets in her cage again and i seen her finishing eating one, then i tried some superworms again and she ate 2 of them. this is a good thing because she has not eaten on her own for a few weeks and if she had not ate by friday i was gonna start force feeding her carnivore.

i am hoping that she keeps eating and then in 2-3 weeks shes out of the woods.
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