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Hey All,

I have about $2000 worth of top line chameleon gear I'm looking to sell for $500 or best offer. You'll have to come pick everything up, and you'll likely need a truck. Including but not limited to:

-Two fully setup 4x2x2 dragon strand enclosures. They are fully loaded with vines and pots. One has pond foam and coco fiber over the pond foam. One is all fake vines, one is a mix of fake vines and real wood.

- One 4x2x2 dragon strand enclosure still in the box.

-two mist king pumps. You can even have the five gallon water bucket pre-drilled with the tube hookup. You'll probably need to purchase more tubing.

-a few extra fake vines. Not the rough black jungle vibes, but smooth green ones.

-multiple linear light fixtures. (4-5)

-brand new arcadia 6% bulbs. (2)

- basking bulbs (ceramic), dome fixtures.

-solar meter

- two kritter keepers for crickets

-a TON of egg crates for roach / cricket colonies.

- two full throttle feeder runs

- 4 bamboo shades (these are really good for separating multiple enclosures so chameleons cannot see each other. Plus they look nice.)

- brand new Herpstat 2 still in the box.

- lots of supplements. Repashy and other.

-emergency evacuation gear ( two butterfly enclosures and two more linear lights.) These are all still in their shipping boxes. Never used.) I also have a cute little cat carrier I put sticks in to transport chameleons to whereever (I used them for vet trips)

- three top filling cool mist humidifiers. Can be modified with tubing to fog into cage.

I also have HUNDREDS of deli cups (this was a mistake purchase. I thought I was only getting 10 and 100 showed up ..) these are good for feeding and storage bugs, especially BSFL. Short cups and tall cups.

I am still going through things so there may be more added to this list.

As mentioned, they will need to be picked up. I will really only sell this all together. (Although I understand if you don't want the deli cups) I am located in Longmont, Colorado so if there is any gear you don't want please take it to the Reptile Humane Society here in town.

This is, literally, everything you will need for two or more chameleons.

Dm me for photos / more information.
Ooooooo, let me look though this and see if I could use any of it

Edit - any bugs?
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