Loving my Cresties!


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Never knew how fun a Crested Gecko could be, but must say... you can't have just one! Introducing Phoebe, the blond harlequin female, and Felix, the flame harlequin (possible) male. Love these two! Hoping to have 1 of each gender and hoping to have eggs next year!


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Awesome! I agree that you can't just have one! I started out with one, then fell in love with a second one and got lucky that it was a female! Now I have Splat and Buffie and 5 baby 'Spluffies'! Plus another 4 eggs in the incubator!

Just make sure to keep them apart until she is old enough and heavy enough. They retain sperm for quite some time, so one mating a year is enough for up to 8 clutches! My pair mated at the start of February and she has laid 6 clutches of fertiles so far with another due next weekend! Baby cresties are even cuter than baby chameleons! :D
I have seen a few of your Spluffies on the Crested Gecko Facebook page! They are precious, I absolutely love seeing them! Their sweet little faces crack me up :)
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