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I live in florida and it is lovebug season and there are thousands of them. If I catch some can I feed these to my 4 month old female ambilobe? She is still pretty small total length about 4.5 inchs.


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I couldn't find anything that says they are toxic...but you need to look at what they eat...and here's something that I would take as a warning not to use them...."Tree frogs and lizards won't eat love bugs. Evidently bats don't eat love bugs either."
"Cropper recommended a clear-coat treatment offered by Magic Car Wash to prevent the acidic bugs from damaging vehicles' paint"....


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Ha! The past week with the lovebugs coming into town I was thinking the same thing about feeding my cham lovebugs but me and a friend were talking the other day about the way lovebugs screw up cars and in the middle of our conversation I busted out with, "oh crap, my chameleon is outside today! I hope he doesn't eat them!"
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