Louie is 11 mo. old today!

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My little turkey and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Louie (the beautiful veiled in the October photo contest) is now 11 months old. He is one of Amos and Fiona's babies that @jannb hatched. Also shedding today. He has been such a joy and controls me every chance he gets. He had crickets and supers for his special day. Soon as I closed his door he bee lined to his feeder cup. He LOVES supers.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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His brother Turk was hanging out in a tree in the reptile room while I read my book. He was only mildly impressed at being nearly 11 months old :D
Louie would love to hang out in a tree while I read...but I have two small dogs that would LOVE to catch him. But living in FL he has a big birdcage he loves to hang out in. Tell Turk we said hi! Louie is also shedding today so I've been calling him flakey.:ROFLMAO:


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My husband built a "baby gate" for our reptile room. He took the side panels from an old 2x2x4 screen cage and hinged them together. The reptile room tends to stay warm and humid (we are in Naples, Fl), so when we are home the door to the room stays open, and the baby gate goes up to keep the cats out. I only have Turk (or the others out), if I am directly in the room since I don't trust the baby gate too far! I had bought myself a chair and footstool to put in the room so that when I'm acclimating a new cham I can sit there and read in comfort while they are in their cage getting used to my presence.


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Not quite the same thing, but I just realized Raistlin turned 8 months on the 23rd. Boy, time flies...

Happy 11 months Louie :)!!!
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