Lost my oldest cham last night...

Kurty Birdy

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Not sure why im writing this, i have no questions, just need to vent to people that can understand how it feels to lose a reptile. Since many "normal" people would not.... last night at around 12 i checked on all my animals before walking my girlfriend to her car and all was well, about 3 hours later i was watching YouTube and i heard a thud from my Littlefoot, my oldest chams, cage. I went to look and he was white as a ghost and gasping for air on the bottom of his cage, i put my hand in and he squeezed my finger for about 30 seconds while i was trying to figure out what to do, after that he lost all strength in his hand and he was gone. He was 5+ years old, and lived what id say was a long happy life. I guess what im looking for by posting this is closure. Everythings just fresh and still hurts alot right now... anyways love and peace to all of you, and love, peace, and health to all of your scaley/furry babies.


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Look at the casque on him, it’s huge! He was without a doubt unique, sorry for your loss.

Was coming to say the same thing. Amazing casque! It sucks, and it doesn't matter how anyone else feels about it, you're allowed to be torn up. Think about how angry some people get when they don't catch the traffic light. It's totally legit to mourn a living being that you raised and cared for. Sorry for your loss.

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Little foot went to cham heaven!! We do get attached, it's natural, hard to let go of a loved one, I got babies to maximize my time with them because I know they live a relatively short life rip littlefoot!! Say a prayer for him, let him go, and get another!! They all are such great creatures even the fussy ones!!

Kurty Birdy

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I cant begin to thank everyone enough for the kind words, it really is a amazing feeling to have this kinda support from such an awesome community. Reading all of your replies have helped me a huge amount :), youre all amazing people!


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5 years is a pretty good age for a chameleon considering the average...
With these animals you just don't know, they can live to 8 or die at 2... even with the best kind of husbandry.
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