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Hi, I was cleaning out my chameleon's cage tonight (he's a juvenile/sub-adult graceful chameleon) and he got loose from where i was keeping him while i was outside cleaning his cage and trimming the plants in it. I'm 99.9% sure that he's still inside, somewhere in my apartment, but i've looked everywhere and can't find him. any advice on where to look, things to do, etc? thanks so much, any help is much appreciated-
i just found an old thread where someone suggested searching at night with a flashlight, and also checking cords. i'll be doing those, but if anyone else has any other ideas-
I found him! When he got loose it was kind of late, so apparently he climbed up a pair of pants on a harger in my closet and slept (I eventually gave up looking at night because he always goes to bed at the same time, and I was hoping to see him moving once daytime rolled around). The bad part was, the pants were in a dry cleaning bag(open at the bottom, but closed at the top). I saw movement around noon (when he usually gets up) as I was walking past the closet and found him struggling to get out. That could have been potentially disasterous--if he really got caught up in it he totally could have suffocated. Thank God I saw him, and all is good... Thanks a lot for the help and suggestions.
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