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My veiled have lopsided eyes:( :( :(
What does that mean and how can i help her?
she was in a aquarium and when i moved her into a screen cage.
they had a mister that was set at 45seconds every 1 hour
Pictures would help alot. Sometimes though, they turn and maneuver their eye turrent, to try and clean them out. That will make one eye look swollen sometimes. Is it still swolen?
A better description or photo is needed. Is the eye itself swollen or the tissue around it? It should not take that long for your chameleon to clean its eye. Have you tried offering a shower? There are multiple posts in the forums that talk about shower methods. You mention the other eye is smaller? Do you mean it has sunken into the eye socket? If so, that is a big sign of dehydration.
Its ok now i think the humidity works better in a tank.
You guys said it would be better if they lived i a screen cage but i didnt have the equipment to keep the humidity up so i moved her back to the tank.
She seems to eat alot more in the tank and move alot more!!!!
A screened cage is much better than a tank. Your chameleon will have a better chance of living a longer and more healthy life in a screened cage. Humidity is more difficult to keep in a screened cage, but it can be done and is well worth the effort. I don't know anything about your chameleon, so I can't offer reasons why he moves more in the tank. It is possible the temperature gradients in the cage were not optimal or he was stressed from the move.
yea i never thought of that!!!
but she was out there for about 2 1/2 weeks
the screen cage looked EXACTLY the same as the tank
the tank was empty when she moved in the screen cage because i used EVERY thing that was in there i even try to mount the mister in the same location as i did it was in the tank
so its like changing the glass to screen!!!
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