Looking for pygmy chameleons.


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EH my name is Matt and i am new to the forum. i am looking for Pygmy chameloens. was wandering if any one new a good breeder and also looking for ideas on an habitat for them. i was thinking about a 24"/24"/24" exo-terra glass terrarium for a pair.any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Here are some links. Try and find some captive bred ones if you can, you will have less problems, longer life spans – just a better time overall. I have been keeping them for almost 3 years and haven’t kept a WC much more then a year however my captive bred group is doing well and almost 2 years old. Check out the chameleon classifieds at kingsnake.com and look to see if FLChams has any. Some keepers here breed them too as do I but right now I just have very small babies and not too many – by the end of summer I will have an army.


Same here....... i do have a few CB Blue Eyes pygmies and bearded Pygmies (1 month old , unappropriate for sale yet... by end of summer.... i would have few more coming. Right now FLChams have a few CB Bearded Pygmies for sale if u need it now!
thank you very much for the info roo_71. i am just starting my search and wont be ready to get them untill the end of summer so i will have to keep in contact with you and see if you have any then. matt
Thank you for the info pohchunyee. i will keep in contact to see if you have any when im ready. matt
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