Looking for new heat bulbs


I have a male Panther Cham who is about 10 months old. His cage is 24" x 24" x 48" open air screen cage from reptibreeze. For lighting he has a Reptisun terrarium hood with T5 HO high output UVB bulb, for a basking/ heat light he has zoo Med, mini deep dome light fixture with a Exo terra 50w intense basking spot light bulb.

My problem is the the Exo Terra 50w intense basking spot light bulb is pretty expressive and doesn’t last very long. I don’t really want to spend almost $8 on a bulb that only lasted 4 months.

I read that I can buy regular old fashion incandescent heat bulbs at stores like Walmart, target, Home Depot, etc. and they will be much cheaper and I can buy them in bulk.

I’m curious though what wattage I should get.
If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it!!


Yes, you absolutely can. I found wattage to be about the same. So since your currently working with a 50 watt spot light your gonna wanna try the 60 watt regular incandescent bulb. Then check temps. If it is running cooler go up to the 75 watt. :)
Thank you! This is very helpful!


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I would never use a spot light use a flood light if you decide to go with that type of bulb again. Spot light give a tight beam not good at all.
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