US Looking for a new home for Veiled Chameleon [CLOSED]


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I am in the process of an unexpected move, and will not be able to bring all of my beautiful chameleon friends with me. This being the case, I am looking for a new home with a caring care taker for one of my chameleons. I will be giving him to whoever is fit with his enclosure free of charge.
Some information on this:

Name: Majic
Species: Veiled
Gender: Male
Age: 3 1/2 Years
Temperament: Average/Mild, prefers not to be handled too much but is able to adjust fairly easily.
Health Concerns: None, Healthy
Background: Rescued from a pet store with severe burns on his arms.

Maker: Dragon Strand
Model: Large Keeper Screen Chameleon Cage
Dimensions: 23.75” wide x 23” deep x 48” high
Includes: Dragon shelves, Misting system mount, PVC white bottom
Condition: Pretty used, there are a few holes in the screen that need patching, and some screws have been drilled through the aluminum frame to secure it to a wall. The PVC bottom is a little stained, but I will try my best to clean it up. I can also patch the screen.


I will be including any or all decorations used in the cage currently if wanted by the adopter.

ZooMed dual lamp also included

Shipping details: Only looking to ship within the United States. Although I do not want any payment for the Chameleon or set up, I may ask for some compensation as far as shipping goes. As I will be shipping a live creature, overnight shipping will be required and that can get quite expensive!

If you are interested, please either leave a reply on this thread or send me a direct message. Once we are in touch, I can send you more photos and discuss any questions you might have.

A few pictures:


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