Looking for a good light for plants


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Does anyone use this for their bioactive enclosures? I already wasted $89 on the Chinese prison camp made grow lite from Biodude and it was DOA so I'm looking for alternatives. Thanks!


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If you have the 60-80$(haven't checked prices lately), the jungle dawn led megaspot can't be beat. Adds a very bright sun-like shine through the enclosure. My chams enjoy sitting under them and it really brings out their color. Not to mention it can handle almost any plant you throw at it.


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I splurged on the Reptisun LED/UVB combo because I liked the look, but I agree that it would be half the price to just replace a bulb in the light Mike linked. I have also been spotlighting my hibiscus with a Sansi grow light. It’s been a couple months, and though it’s not flowering, it is growing like crazy.

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