Looking for a chameleon but....


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Hello everyone, i am new to the forums but not new to the world of reptiles. I have recently decided to buy a chameleon, I know how to care for them, what to feed them, lighting, ect. My only problem is finding a baby veiled chameleon near me. I live in Orlando/kissimmee Florida and none of the pet stores near me that I know of sell chameleons. My parents dont want it shipped, and I want to see the exact chameleon I am getting. If anyone knows of breeders nearby or any store that could help please help. :D:D:D
Jan said it... Des at chamalot chameleons is close to you and has a variety of super healthy chameleons.
Thanks guys. If there are any other breeders near me please tell. I am going to check out chamelot chameleons right now:)
I just checked it out. 9.3 miles away from me......... I think ill buy from them. lol
Unfortunately I need to wait for males. I dont want to deal with egg laying.
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