LOL - talk about a bad hair day ~

little leaf

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I think the look on her crabby shedding face says it all


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Hehehe! Flakey butt! I always hope to catch when they start a shed.. it's so funny to see them in all the different positions and to watch how they use their little hands. Adorable pic. :)
Poor Olive!! She does not appreciate being photographed before she could get herself fixed up!

HA- lol tells you how close the nut falls from the tree - that is her daughter- do they not look alike or what - she is about 2 X the size of any of the others, she is going to be a horse like Olive - same crabby attitude too- LOL :p
I know that look all too well from the times my sister would wake up early in the morning and I would take a picture of her with her bad hair and PJ's. Sadly, those good times ended when mum found out:D
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