Loki loves strawberrys!

Lokis first strawberry, I know generally veileds eat them. But he loves food so I figured I would try a piece


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I'm pretty sure he would eat an entire large strawberry if I had given him one- ( cut up of course) he seems to love them


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THOR has come to do battle!!!

but strawberries for a panther aye? Intriguing... i might give it a try.

My panthers are dorks and just like to eat their hybiscus trees (literally, the tree branches) -bunch of weirdos.
Loki looks cute with his strawberry! I've had panthers that would eat fruits and veggies.

Awh thank you jannb!
And yes my panther LOVES his fruit, he doesnt seem to like leafy greens.but I also think he just loves food to much in general. Haha. What veggies does your panther like?

Thor and Loki actually look pretty similar, when lokis showing his colors he has a lot of gold and solid baby blue bars. He showing more and more red every day

This isn't the best quality picture but you can see the red coming through


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Sweet! I had not even thought to try this... I think I will offer some strawberries to Malcolm and see how it goes :)

Great picture!
I hope tons! My boys love them! I wish I could feed them larger amounts but from what I understand they should be treated like a dessert. I assume because of the sugar?
hes so fast some times. i can never get a picture of when hes fired up :/


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