Loki just shed again!

It's only been 25 days since his last shed! This guy is going to be huge! He's showing more red too


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I haven't really figured out this whole posting pics up on this forum yet. I can't figure out how to enlarge them yet, as you probably could tell.
Yeah, the pics don't really do it justice though. I've got a friend in town where I live that has been breading these guys for a while now. He also has a shop here in town, it's called Covet Exotic Emporium.
I'll try. It'll take a little work. Both of those pics are the same cham, just 3 weeks apart. This guy is growing quick too!
Yeah the grow like crazy at that age. My panther looks like a monster for his age in person. He's going to be one seriously large chameleon
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