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Hello everyone.
My wife surprised me with wanting a new Cham we have a ambanja and ambilobe hybrid and just love him. And now she was one with primarily red coloring since Bandito is blue and almost purple. My question is which locale or "morph" should I be looking at if we want a red one. Or does it she mainly depend on the sire.

Try Kammers or screameleons.

They have some amazing red lines.

Also look in the classifieds here.
Well I have to build my new cage. Guess it will be a double. (With a divider or course) :) I was actually just looking at the website. Does it ever worry u when they ship chams? I feel like that would be extremely stressful on the Cham?
I have received chams, and shipped them myself.

DOes it worry me? Yes.

BUt its overnight shipping, they arrive by 10:30 am the next day.

Most breeders and sellers wont put the cham in the box until right before its time to drop them off.

ANd for the most part, the cham sleeps the whole time.
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