Living with MBD and doing good, future????


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Here is my dear boy Nacho.....he's had MBD for about 5 months. I guess when he was about 7 months old, which I guess can be a typical time of growth which requires a LOT of products and care which I wasn't able to do 100%. Broken heart.

However my boy is doing great. Love him and he gets around great he eats like a little piggie and he even made a pretty good go at mating with my female when she wanted some male 'company'. Very supervised and they both seemed to like 'hanging out'.

What does our future hold? Will he every 'recover'? I know he won't really....but, he's really active, and a good eater, and he can be a little hissing-jerk when I go to handle him. Little feisty bugger, love him.

Happy with his progress, just wonder if he will even get stronger and better in the future. Here are some pictures of my boy and his enclosure, note the hammock, just have him at half the enclosure.

Hmmmm....maybe couldn't get them to upload. Okay, put a bunch of images in Breading area, but somehow can't do here. Where is the magical place where my uploaded images have hidden????
Hello Globug glad to see you on the forum again!

Did you treat your little Nacho with liquid calcium to stop the MBD from getting worse?

Any damage was was done to the bones won't change---his legs won't straighten, for example but you can stop the MBD from getting worse and doing any more damage.

If MBD is treated properly then it can be cured--it is only the damage that already occurred which can't be cured.

Sorry but I don't do pictures often--and I don't see yours.

They are probably in your user Gallery.
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