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Was searching for pictures of some of the 'safe' plants that I have not seen before, and found that ebay actually has quit a few live plants available. I know some people have asked before about online plant sources, so I thought I would post this. Also found some good results by using google's 'froogle' feature.
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Hey Brad: thanks a lot for the plant info I will definetly be checking them out. I have Hibiscus now let me know if you make a cool discoveries.
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Wow I just look on Ebay they have some incredible plants. a lot of Hibiscus for really cheap. I love plants and Herbs and I saw so many things I have never even heard of. Thanks again.
Um, can I borrow someones credit card :D
Not sure why it took me so long to check ebay. I noticed a lot of ebay sellers ship without pot/soil, so make sure to read the details. If there is a specific type of plant you are trying to get online, might help.
hey lady cham. i have found that ficus benjimima works very well for my panthers they feel quit at home in ficus bushes. also hibiscus plants are also very good.
Safe Plants on Ebay

I got my Pothos plant sent to me from Ebay. It's doing great. New growth and everything. :D Fun, eh?
How do the other plants hold up with the fake lighting? Natural sunlight is not an option here in the winter and my hibiscus and ficus (large tree, dont know what species) both died. The Pothos is doing well though under the fake lighting....any one know of any that don't need as much sunlight and are more tree like? Preferably around 2-3 ft tall
I have good success with pothos and schefflera. Most other plants I have to rotate (indoors <=> outdoors).
I have a hardy hibiscus(as in a non-tropical one) that seems to thrive in the chameleon cage, although my cham usually nibbles the new growth off...but anywayI would recommend hardy hibiscus to those who have had problems keeping tropical ones alive. The main difference I can see from the two is the tropical has a little bit bigger, paler leaves. Also, has anyone found any new sites for plants? I've been looking around for a decent sized ficus benjimina, but since its winter in the midwest, its about as easy as finding a good nursery thats open as finding a cham out in the snow.
If you can't find anything locally, you might want to try ebay. If you decide to go that route, I recommend quick shipping. I have ordered a few plants online. One time shipping was slow and by the time the plant arrived it had new roots growing at the plant internodes :eek:
zero742 said:
Also, has anyone found any new sites for plants? I've been looking around for a decent sized ficus benjimina, but since its winter in the midwest, its about as easy as finding a good nursery thats open as finding a cham out in the snow.

Reptile Depot sells a few plants, and I was just looking at their ficus trees last night. The price isn't too bad at 16.99 for an 8 inch pot, and the shipping is only 7.95. Plus, they have been giving away a week free trial for memberships recently, so you could actually get it for a few dollars less on the price of the plant and on the shipping. I just bought some wax worms and butterworms from them last night in the hopes of tempting my hunger striking cham. Good prices. Customer support doesn't seem to be so great. I emailed them over a week ago with a question about a breed of cham they have up for sale, and they haven't responded yet.

I've never heard of butterworms? How do they compare to waxy's and silkworms? Are they much more expensive? Also, about how tall is a ficus in a 6" and 8" pot? Thanks.
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Hi Zero,

I am guessing the ficus plants aren't real tall yet. Maybe they would answer if you email them? Butter worms are also called Trevo worms. They are really high in calcium. Here is a link to a page that is pretty informative:

One of the drawbacks with them is that they won't eat, so no gutloading. They are sort of like silkworms, I guess. They only eat Trevo plants. However, they do stay alive in the fridge for quite some time, and are pretty good sized. Reptile Depot (herp foods) has better prices than the page I sent you. They are selling them for 11.99 for 50, and shipping is included in the price. Here is the link:

My chameleon has been sick for about 2 weeks now, and is refusing to eat. I am going to try the butter worms to see if they get a feeding response. I have been force feeding him for several days now. He is doing much better now than he was four or five days ago, but he needs to start eating on his own again.

Thanks, I'll look into them. Sorry to hear about your cham. I really hope he makes a full recovery!
Thanks, I am starting to feel optimistic about his recovery. Hopefully, the worms will get him to start eating on his own again.

Reptile Depot

Just to relay my own experience with Reptile Depot...good prices, good selection, low shipping cost, but very slow in filling my orders and shipping, and not-so-great customer service. The ficus I ordered was a decent size for the price but was literally half-dead and desert dry when it arrived some 14 days after my order. Brown, shrunken leaves filled the box and I had to take it outside and shake the rest of the dead leaves off. Only the uppermost leaves remained and in 8 months it's never really filled out again.
I get all my live plants at Home Depot, Lowe's, even WalMart.

And Heika, here's to a speedy recovery for your cham. Butterworms are a good choice :)
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Thanks, good to know about Reptile Depot. I was considering ordering some chameleons from them, but they haven't even bothered to answer my emails. I did just check shipping on the worms though, and they are on the truck to be delivered today. I "convinced" Spencer it was a good idea to eat a couple superworms and a very small silkworm this morning. Funny thing is, once I got them into his mouth, he gobbled them right down. I do believe he is on the mend, I certainly hope so.


I have been doing research on who sells plants that would be good for my chameleon cage and have found lots of stores that sell "money trees". Does anyone know if these are the same plants as Scheffleras (or Umbrella Trees)? They look the same, I just wanted to be sure before I bought one. Thanks!
I have had similar experiences with Reptile Depot (slow). I like their cages though... They have an extra door on the bottom-front that makes daily maintenance very easy.
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