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I just bought a lovely little pathos plant for my baby male veiled chameleon. I'm still in the process of setting up his cage (I pick him up from a breeder next week). What is the best way to arrange the plant in his enclosure? I remember reading something about repotting the plant using organic dirt, or covering it up with rocks so that he won't accidentally eat the soil when grabbing up a cricket.
What advice do you guys have?


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Wash the plant with some soap and water to remove all the chemicals and pesticides and Make sure you get an organic soil, with NO pesticides or chemicals and re-pot the plant with that, then put some rocks (not too big but big enough that your chameleon cannot eat it or choke on it) on top of the soil so he doesn't accidentally eat it and so it won't cause impaction.


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If you mist a lot, you may want to add some sand in the soil to aid with drainage. Also, some rocks at the bottom of the container will help allow water to pass through more easily. I rinse the leaves with plain water and also add a layer of stones at the top to discourage soil eating.
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