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Where can I get live plants for my veiled chameleon online? Preferably organically grown ones that will not harm him. Every nursery near me uses pesticides and nonorganic soil. I'm having to propagate the ones I do have and I'd like to get some healthy ones in the meantime. His cage isn't very large because he is still a baby any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I've always gotten plants from local garden centers, then usually replant in organic potting soil, wash the leaves, etc. That said, there are many threads on where to get plants online in the archives:

There are also many discussions in the archives on prepping plants, e.g.

The description says this video includes "how to prepare plants for your chameleon's enclosure."



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Our veiled just got a new dracaena and African Violet yesterday.... this is her enjoying first bites...looks like she’s enjoying a little too much🙃


She tried unsuccessfully to chew the Dracaena and left her little triangle mouth prints here and there....


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I got Leon's pothos plant washed, repotted and put in his house! This is the best way i could set it up for now. I got him a new light, vitamins, and food ordered. It was expensive but definitely worth making his life quality better!

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Just a quick note for next time you order something...
Analog (dial-type) thermometers & hygrometers can be notoriously inaccurate (up to 40°/40% off); faulty thermometers can usually be ferreted out, but hygrometers can be more difficult.

analog vs digital hygrometer for reptiles

Digital thermometers & hygrometers with probes are more accurate (±2°/2%)—and usually less expensive. Combination units are usually no more expensive than dedicated units.

I just got 5 for around $15. I got these because both sets of numbers were LARGE enough for me to see.

I see they're out-of-stock right now, but you could check with the seller directly, or they still have this type with smaller numbers for temperature.
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