Little Guy is Sick! Any Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by PoleCat, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Hello again everyone, thanks for visiting the thread. I have determined that my Chameleon is sick and it seems that he is going down hill fast. To start, he always seemed fairly active and attentive with plenty of energy. I noticed probably a week ago or so that there was a bump inside of his eye where it looks like something was stuck in the eye lid. He kept trying to get this out with no success. A few days later he had started to close that eye and not open it and the other eye started developing a clear thick film like goo over it. I scheduled him in with a VET immediately.

    The vet said first of all that he is going to try some eye drop medication that I am to use twice a day. To get the goop out of the eye he said that it would require an incision in the eye lid to be scooped out (since it is soft) and re sealed. SECONDLY he has told me that the Chameleon has MBD. :( The doctor injected him with a Calcium shot and has given me a liquid calcium to use with a syringe twice a day.

    My Chameleon's seems to be rapidly declining, he is not opening either of his eyes (making it very hard to put the drops in) and is extremely weak. He also has not eaten in at least 4 days and is not opening his mouth to allow the liquid calcium or food. At this point I am having to force his mouth open to put the calcium in and also trying to feed him some squished bananas through a syringe.

    Any additional suggestions for him? I take him back to the vet in a few days for another checkup. He's not doing good and don't know how much longer he is going to make it at this rate. Thank you. CAGE INFO BELOW.

    Equipment / Habitat:

    - Small (18x18x24) ExoTerra Glass Terrarium
    - ZooMed Mini Deep Dome with a 40Watt House Bulb (Basking) and a ZooMed ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Bulb
    - 2 Artificial Plants with One Real Plant on the Safe List
    - EcoCarpet on the Bottom covered with Medium/Large River Rocks
    - ZooMed Digital Thermometer (x2)
    - Medium Jungle Vine (Artificial)
    - Large Mushroom Platform (Artificial)
    - Terrarium came with a Graphic Styrofoam Background
    - TheLittleDripper as the dripping system (I leave this running all day and turn it off at night)
    - ZooMed Mist'r Bottle (I mist 2-3 Times a day)
    - Clear Tupperware Bowl to Collect Water From Dripper Leaves (This Bowl fills up through out the day and I empty it out)

    Habitat Conditions:

    - Ambient Temperature in the Terrarium is pretty consistently in the 75-82 Range (65ish at night)
    - Basking spot is usually sitting anywhere from 82-92 (Depending on if my ceiling fan is on or not) and 72 at night
    - Humidity is typically anyhwere between 30-45 during the day and around 60-70 at Night

    Diet / Nutrition:

    - Crickets (Small), Superworms (Small) and Dubia Roaches (3/8") are the three main Feeders I have been rotating
    - I have been gutloading all of these Feeders with: Oats, Lettuce, Apples and Potatoes
    - I am using Calcium with D3 on the Feeders (on maybe 5 or 6 Dubia Roaches) twice a month
    - I am also using ReptiVitamins (on maybe 5 or 6 Dubia Roaches) twice a month
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    Do you have any pictures of the cham and the enclosure?

    Do you use a plain calcium dusting (No D3) on feeders daily? How old is the UVB bulb?

    How often do you mist and how long is each mist session?

    When you give the cham liquid calcium orally, are you putting the syringe in the back of the mouth or at the front of the mouth?

    All in all, I would get him/her to a reputable reptile vet ASAP. Once chameleons start showing signs of illness, they go downhill quick.
  3. PoleCat

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    Unfortunately I have no Pictures at the moment. I am using the Calcium WITH D3 and have only recently started using calcium without d3 daily.

    I usually mist 2-3 times a day with warm water for about 2-3 minutes.

    I am returning to the vet Tuesday but have been giving him the calcium orally through the front and side. Best I can do is pull is lip down a little and have it seep in.

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