lip discoloration and not using tounge

Tanner Grisak

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I've only had my ambilobe for a week and have identified these problems and shared pictures with the breeder and he seems to not think its an issue but I highly disagree. Since day one he has not used his tounge and discoloration has started to take place all over his lip line. I feel so bad for him all he does all day long is chase crickets all over his cage all day long and usually only manages to get 2 or 3. He has zero interest in supers, silks, horn worms or butter worms. Someone please help me are some pics of his mouth. And it does not appear to be cheesy mouth rot...


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Tanner Grisak

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I did inspect the inside of his mouth and the black appears to be only external on this lips. Also his mouth is in line with no swelling, under or over bite and no gap between the lips. I read this could be a rub or bad shed stuck on this mouth?
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