lightning bugs


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So I had caught a bunch of lightning bugs and put them in both of my Jackson's cages stupidly before checking to see whether or not they could eat them. The next night I looked it up and found out they were toxic, so I rushed home to check on my guys and get the lightning bugs out of their cages. It seemed like there were less than what I put in, so I am pretty sure they ate some. My question is, if they were harmful, how long would it take to tell. It has been a couple of days and both chameleons seem fine. The lightning bugs were all the black kind with a little red around their heads. I don't know if that makes a different in toxicity.
I'm pretty sure if it's been a few days, they will be ok. Just make sure they are drinking a lot of water to try and flush it out. I'm not an expert, so hopefully somebody who has had a similar experience will chime in.
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