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Just wondering if I will be able to use an old hood/light fixture from a previous fish tank. I know it will work fine for the most part but my main question is should I remove the plastic/plexiglass shield on the hood? I'm wondering whether or not it will block the UV light from reaching the chameleon. Or does that type of light penetrate glass/plastic/plexiglass just fine?

Ok thank you. Also the mesh on my enclosure is pretty dense. I am wondering whether or not it is safe to have the light bulb exposed in the enclosure.
Hi Jack,

Some aquarium lighting fixtures have a way to remove the plexiglass. I had one myself where the plexiglass was actually attached to the fixture with screws. If you remove the screws, the plexiglass, and have the proper UVB bulb for chameleons, it should be fine.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you do not put any sort of lighting inside their habitats. As a matter of fact... please don't. Burns are very difficult to treat and can cause death to your chameleon. The lighting also attracts your feeders, such as crickets, which could be dangerous should your chameleon's tongue touch the bulb while trying to grab it's prey.

Always put your lighting on the top of the cage out of reach of your chameleon. And make sure the heating bulb is no hotter than 90 degrees at their basking area. These lights get extremely hot... Hot enough to even melt your UVB lighting structure.

If you have any more questions about your set up, I'd be happy to help. :)
When I had my fish tank, the plexiglass could be removed. Kinda had to be so I could replace the lights. It just slide out the side.
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