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I am working on setting up habitat for two Jackson's. Was thinking of starting with two 16" x 16" x 30" mesh cages, setting them beside each other with a solid divider between them.

What I need to know is what are my lighting requirements? I know I need UVB and a basking light, but could use recommendations on size and wattages, brands that are good, and anymore suggestions that I may have over looked. I was thinking about using one 24" UVB over the two cages, is that good thinking?

I will be building my own custom cage that will be two 24 x 24 x 48 at a later date. It would be nice if I could reuse from my original purchase of lighting.

Thank you in advance,
i would suggest a 36" so it fully covers all of the both cages. for basking i use exo-terra's spot bulb in the green box. im now using the 150w cuz its winter here, but during hte summer i use either a 50w or a coiled fluorescent.
I have a similar setup. I have 2 18x18x30 cages side by side and share a 24" ZooMed 10.0 UVB bulb between them. Some believe that, much like basking light, your cham should have the option of escaping the UVB light when it wants to avoid overexposure.

Covering the entire cage will not allow your cham to avoid UVB unless the cage is very heavily foiliated.
Really you can go to Walmart, Home Depot...etc.. and get a hold of 48" ballist that hold two flourescent bulbs. Would be big at first but when you get to the adult cages it would be perfect. For the other bulb you could get a specailty plant light or leave in the flourescent that comes with it. Either of the two will help your plants out and brighten up the cage. At the local Walmart in my area these ballist are about $10.
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