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This morning Arlo's lights came on and then shorted. So apparently I need to get new fixtures but I was wondering how long he can go without UVB light since I don't get paid until next Friday. My dad has an extra heat lamp fixture; luckily. Will he be okay without his heat lamp for 24hours?


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I'm getting a new lamp today but he is sleeping now. Do you think it I'd because he doesn't have any lights and thinks its bedtime or because he's getting sick?
In "vieled land" its routinely in the 40'fs at night several months a year. A few days without a heat lamp to help digest food is normal. And yes he will sleep/brumate if he gets cold. He wont get sick till you start pushing 10+ days of sub 70f with no heatlamp. babies dont even get a heat lamp till they are 90-120 days old, if you can get the air temps in the 80's, and even then the target basking temp is in the very low 90s(or upper 80's). If you ship him, he might get lost in the mail and be in the package for 48-52 hours, and come out just fine if he was kept at room temp. Same if you move several states over, they dont die in the travel shoe box, they just sleep and wake up in the new house.

Your cham is not slowly dying/getting sick. He is just having a weeks of "crap weather".
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Dont try to go too long but i would get repashy calcium plus and make sure the animal gets their daily d3. i would recommend an arcadia fixture if you can procure one. they are pretty good.
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