This just because i was talking about lighting in substrate so sorry hear is too you yall that didn't hear the other thread.
what watt heat bulb should it be its gonna be a white light but watt around 50 watt?
Same with the uvb 10.0 15w or 17w
i was thinking about getting one of these bulbs one of them or neither?


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For UVB you will need a reptisun 5 or Arcadia 6% in what even length cage you have. I personally went with a 24" and put it and an angle to increase coverage.

For heat I use a 65w house bulb off Amazon or Home Depot. Now that it's winter I switched to a zoo med 75w.

This all depends on your home temp and how warm the basking spot is. The basking g branch should be about 8" away from the lamp and if it's for a veiled at about 90 degrees with plenty of braches around for options. Sometimes mine like to be on the main branch and sometimes they are just near by keeping warm.

You will need to by a temp gun to help ensure the right temp accurately.
zoo med what kind of bulb? also in the spring etc is there anything i could get at a petstore for basking bulb or would i got with a zoo med 50w?
I thought zoo med 10.0 or 5.0 would be fine cause my cage is 2x2x4.
for the heat its either this or the other 2 on the top and i don't think it would be this bulb. thank you for all this help btw! sorry im not good with lighting heheh.
Nope i have my friend Oscar! he is a 1 year old veild that turn 1 yr on December 24. I like think maybe some added months to when i got him around 4-6 months, if you haven't guessed he is a male!
I am going to chime in and double check myself. I just ordered the Reptisun 2x2x4 XLarge Screen Cage -- So for a panther cham -- I need to get a dome light and a basking bulb? Does the Reptisun Basking bulb fit the fluker's dome? Is a 75 watt warm enough for a panth cham say 8" from the bulb in a basking spot
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