LIGHTING!! Todays mission!

Today I'm trying to hammer out my lighting!! I've got a list forming and need opinions and recommendations!
Light fixture reccomendations?
I need it all. I bought a 24x24x48 dragonstrand cage and tbh I don't know exactly where to start now.
-UVB looking for which T5 HO linear fixture is the best!? And what bulbs everyone says is best. Arcadia? Reptisun/Reprigo
-Basking? Normal incandscents??? I see it can be a simple as a good spotlight fixture with a standard bulb at 65w less/more depending on basking temp needs.
- Plant lighting?? Do I need somthing different for my plants? Another fixture? With around a 6000k bulb I think? (Exactly why i need help)


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Arcadia makes really good bulbs and for basking normal bulbs are fine. You might have try a few different wattages to get to optimal basking temperature. For plant lights, I don't think you'll need an extra lamp for them unless your cage has loads of plants or if the light doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of the cage.


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You should use a regular white household incandescent light for basking.

And for plant and uvb you could get a fixture that holds 2 - 4 t5 lights and have 1 as uvb and the others as 6500k plant lights.

For the best lighting info I would contact Todd Goode from light your reptiles.
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