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I have been reading up on the Chameleon Academy and I came across another thing that has me confused. When reading there info on Panther Chameleon care it said something in the lighting section that didn’t make since. It talks about a basking bulb that I understood then it talked about the UVB bulb witch I got as well. Then it started talking about a day time bulb. That is where I got lost. What do they mean by a day time bulb? I always thought that there was a basking and a UVB bulb and that was it. Are they talking about just the regular lights in the room that you are putting them in??? Or do I need to make sure that I have a duel dome light fixture and put a basking and a daylight bulb in it. And what kind of bulb would be considered a daylight bulb? Any input would be helpful and thanks so much for all the info on my last post about feeding Schedules they helped a lot.


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Hi there... When he speaks to a daylight bulb he is talking about when you run 6500k T5HO daylight bulbs as well. You can do this in a quad or in individual T5HO fixtures. He is triggering his daylight bulbs to go on first to signal morning... Then UVB is kicking on with basking. If your using a dual or quad... Then your uvb and daylight bulbs would come on together unless you have a quad with separate timers that allow you to run 2 daylight bulbs then a uvb and a daylight bulb.
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