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Hey guys quick question. I have just finished my free range set up for my panther. All I have done is I have taken a spider pland and placed it higher than the cage and then I let the vines hang into the cage so my cham can climb out onto the vines. He likes to be up there a lot so I hung a repti sun 5.0 bulb above it so he is not being deprived of any uvb. The plant is quite large and needs a lot of water which means more light to. So here is my question. If I put a plant bulb above the plant will it effect my cham in any way? Im sure it wouldn't but I have to make sure. the only thing I can think of is it effecting his eyes but if I hang it high enough I don't think it will be a problem. Any Impute?
I have my panther free range, completely. I have a 7 foot tall ficus and a couple 4 foot trees, and I have a 4 foot linear fixture that holds 2 bulbs. One is my 10.0 uvb, the other is a plant bulb. They won't hurt your little friend, but it is better for your plants. I think it is a great idea. The more freedom you give to him, the happier he will be. I have Whomi all set up, attached vines going all around my living room, and he just roams all day. I hope you keep on the path you are on now!
What kind of plant light? using a 6500K color temp lamp and a UVB is a good idea. How close is the lamp to where the cham is? In free ranges I like to use 10.0 lamps. In a cage the cham can climb the cage and be very close to the 10.0 and get more UVB than is a good idea... but in a free range you have more of a concern for the lamp not being close enough... I use 10.0 lamps in all my free ranges. Had a MBD issue once thinking the 5.0 was enough... never going to make that mistake again :eek:
Ya, I have a 4 foot 10.0, and a tree that goes pretty much to the ceiling, I definitely make sure he can get as close as he wants! He is so much happier than he was in an enclosure, he just goes crazy with all the space he has to explore, and DOMINATE!! haha
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