Lighting im looking at.

Looking at a a linear light fixture from light your reptiles. It's the 24in Double bulb HO T5 with Arcadia 6% and day light 6500k bulb.
It costs just under 100 bucks with the bulbs and all.
U guys think it's worth it?
Also does everyone think a 6500k is safe for chams?


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There are not that many good choices. The light your reptile fixture will do the job. The Arcadia uvb bulb is the best out there, and 6500k is fine.
Is it better to go with the 6% or 12%?? Or does it matter much.. from my understanding it doesn't as long as I provide a enclosure with a proper place for them to escape the rays.


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You can do a 12%, but if it is a young animal I'd go with the 6. Also, another great choice for fixtures is from . The fixture comes with the 6500k and they also sell the Arcadias.
I've actually listened to the podcast! Most other members here have lead me to bill stands works. I also purchased a cage from the dragonstrand site. I'm still listenting to many of the podcasts on his site. there are so many to go through.
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