Lighting a 72" tall enclosure

Have a question about if i should add or change the uvb lighting in my enclosure.
Have a 3.5 years old male veiled chameleon. Really looking to see if i have enough uvb light for him.

I have a T5HO Repitisun 5.0 12" 15 Watt Bulb at the top of the enclosure 8" away from this basking branch and he is in the top 20" of the cage most the time.

he has been a bit off that last few days but i think it has to do with the big move we just did.

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Aside from the UVB bulbs, you should look into a plant light to help light the rest of the cage. I have been using SANSI 30 & 36w plant leds for a few months and my chams and plants love them. I have tall cages too and the do a great job getting light all the way to the bottom.


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All you want to have for UVB is a T5HO quad fixture with a 12% or 10.0 UVB bulb. Nothing additional for UVB. With basking sitting 7-8 inches below the top screen where the fixture is. This will give you the right UVB level. You can get a plant bulb for the quad and pull one of the daylight bulbs. but I think you would do better with one of the plant spot lights to push light farther down into the enclosure since it is so tall.

Here is a link for the quad. with the right UVB bulb.
Thank you for the info and help with is question, I will be getting moving to the arcadia brand bulb as I have herd so many great things about it.
I spent all day yesterday going over every part of my setup to see what was a miss as Carl was not acting like himself since the move, I was standing next to his cage by the back and could feel a small draft from the AC vent.... bingo. turned it off and with in 5 minutes he was up and out looking around. This morning is is looking really good hes eating and showing colors! the devil really is in the details..
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