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Hey dudes!

So i will have my cage in my garage and despite there will be no major movement in the chameleon night time sometimes, i may want to or need to go to my garage, so i have a question
witch is the best light bulb (color ) i can use to iluminate the garage at night without making him stress?

thank you
If there is light, hes gonna be up within 1min. Sorry no colored light is gonna make him not wake up. Your best bet is throw up a sheet if you think you will be working till the wee hours of the morning. Mine starts changing to awake colors and the eyes start moving around with just a 10 watt cfl from 10ft away in the ceiling.
thank you!
i knew that those red bulbs for night light for terrariums were not so harmfull as they suposed to be, but i thoughy maybe a different color would not disturbe them.
i guess ill avoid to the max going into there for noise and light issues, and use protection whenever its necessary :D

but know i have a question.
how about all the people that have chameleons in theyrs bedroms?or living rooms? wouldnt like turning on/off lights/sounds at night disturbe them?
Sounds will rarely disturb chams, as they have no outer ear and are for all intensive purposes, deaf.

and as long as the light doesnt shine directly into the cage, i doubt they will wake up.
If you're afraid of disturbing your chameleon just cover the cage with a dark sheet or blanket and they will fall back asleep. Some chameleons are light sleepers but other's are not.
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