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So, the light fixture I have my UV fluorescent tube in now isn't reflective. I really want to get a new one, but at the moment, with all of the vet costs and having to buy a new basking bulb, I don't think I can afford it. Would it be too ghetto to line the fixture with aluminum foil? I laugh just thinking about it, but I really want to maximize my UVB output.
Edited to add: I don't want to do this as a permanent fix, just until I have the monies for a new fixture.
First off I'll help you save some money, dont ever buy a basking bulb from a pet supply store, they are so over priced. Just buy a regular light bulb with the same watts as the current basking bulb, that'll save you at least ten bucks. As far as using foil, I've never done it but I've seen pictures on this site of people's setups that use it. So just save your money for a new fixture, and until then just use some foil.
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