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    so I just wanted to post about my mistake and wanted it to be a lesson to any new keepers or even old keepers who just don't think of it. I recently posted about small amounts of water over spray getting on my carpet but let me say that this has nothing to do with this post that problem is not that drastic but it potentially could get that way but I have handled that one. Anyways so I have a R/O water machine hooked up to my outside water and ran through the wall of my house into a big water bin with a valve that shuts off when full. Then it runs to my mister where it mists my enclosures. So I had a very small leak that developed in the hose that ran into the water bin and since all of this is in a corner with bins and stuff so you can't really see in the back corner this leak was never spotted until recently... the only reason I caught it was because I saw mold creeping out of the corner so I was like what??? Peaked back there and bam there it was a small leak with lots of mold and water. Luckily I have caught this mold before it really got into the walls and such into the point of it being devistating to the whole house. So with all this being said I just want to say always check your fittings and tubing regularly and don't make this mistake like me because this not only took the entire day to get everything out and setup into a temporary spot for my girl panther who used to sit on that table but it's going to cost a pretty penny to get someone to come in tomorrow and clean this for me so that it never comes back. This is also a very good reason on why you should have a good drainage system as this could happen there too(not saying I don't have a good drainage system again this was caused by a leak) here is a pic of what it the corner looks like. But lesson learned and problem is being solved right now! IMG_0958.JPG
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    Glad you caught it before it got outta hand!
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    Thnks for the info!
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    A good reminder. Black mold can be harmful.
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    Thanks for the heads up...
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    The entire chameleon room is empty for cleaning tomorrow. wow that took an entire day just to get everything out of that room and setup temporarily somewhere else with the misters and lights the house is a wreck right now.
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    I am so glad you caught it as early as you did Joshua, honestly it's one of the sad realities of keeping our humidity loving friends. Thankfully there were no lives lost, but yeah, black mold is nasty .___.

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