Leon and Wasabi...


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Here is Leon-now 4 years old...he is what started my chameleon obsession. He is one of the larger Veileds I have seen...so if he looks large in the pics, it is because he is large! :)

Wasabi is one of Jann's beautiful babies. She is very large, very sweet, perpetually hungry, and a very comical chameleon full of personality. She is Leon's intended when she is a few months older. They should produce gorgeous large blue babies!



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They look GREAT! :) Wasabi looks a lot like my Delilah!
also Leon looks like hes smoking a cigar in the 2nd pictures ^_^ lol


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Both look awsome Juli:D....i hope i get a chance to get one of their offspring:rolleyes:;):cool:. Huge turquoise veilds are my fave:cool:.


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Think your veiled is about the same size as mine. Also around the same age. I know my veiled is about the biggest known among the veiled keepers in my 'tiny' country. Too bad you don't see them being that big anymore nowadays.
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