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Just wandered if anyone had any advice on keeping leopard gecko eggs.
This is my second clutch of eggs, the first were deflated and definitely had nothing when candling. This time i have 2 eggs stuck together, i have moved them into a closed container while still attached together, they are in hatchrite and kept at 33 degrees in an incubator. They both have signs of a red ring with veins when candled but seem to be deflating, also one of them has a mould growing on it which i have gently wiped off with a cotton stick but it comes back.
Is the mould gonna be a problem for the second egg which at the moment is mould free? what should i do?
Am i doing something wrong?
Any help would be appreciated


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How humid is the substrate?? I keep the vermiculite moist enough that if you take a fistful of it and squeeze it you will only get a drop or two of water out of it. I use a container that it about 5" x 5" x 4" deep filled half full of the moist vermiculite. I punch two very tiny holes in the lid. There will be beads of water on the sides and underside of the lid during the incubation.
I usually incubate mine at about 76F.

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I use 1 part vermiculite or perlite to 1 part water. and 33 is to low it needs to be 83 at the lowest. and for the mold do not wipe it off or you just killed the egg just use Athlete's Foot Powder very little over it.

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33C is 91.40F
Above 35 C is lethal to the eggs so could your thermometer be off?
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i use 1:1 ratio vermiculite/water. a sterlite container that is a little smaller than shoe box size and only poke one hole on the side near the top about the diameter of a pencil. basically weigh your container, tare it, weigh your substrate, add the same amount of water as the substrate weighs, add eggs, weigh it, write the weight and date on the lid. take the container out once a week and weigh it. if any weight is lost spray the substrate NOT the eggs till weight is achieved. your incubator is going to play with how much is lost in a certain amount of time.

check the lid for moisture and wipe it off when it forms.
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