leaking 1/4 mistking tubing

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Connan_183, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Connan_183

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    Worked 13 hours to come home to a big puddle of water around my mistking pump. :( Need help finding reliable 1/4 tubing at a maximum of 250 PSI. I'm worried that every time I go to work (I work 12 hour shifts), I'll come home to a water leaked floor. not even from the cage either (thank God, Conan was okay). please be specific with brands and stores. thank you.
  2. Remkon

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    I have no mistking but I had leaking on the joints on my system and tubing should be more or less the same.
    Turns out cutting the tubing with scissors or cut it with a knife is a bad idea and will often not make a clean and straight cut.

    It's better to use a tube-cutter like this one:

    Hope this helps.
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  3. werecat

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    I agree. A tube cutter has become an invaluable tool in our home when setting up the misters. I had read that a rough cut can lead to leaks. I didn't believe it until I had a leak. Snipped the end of the tube with a cutter to get a nice clean cut and suddenly no leaks!
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  4. Connan_183

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    I used the tube cutter that mistking provided. thanks! :) The leak occurred in the middle of the tubing though. :-( I just bought more tubing.
  5. nightanole

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    Dumb question, you are pushing the tube in while pressing the retainer ring, and then giving the tube a good yank to set the ring and form a tight seal, correct? That seems to be the biggest trip up for most people.
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  6. Connan_183

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    Yes, im pushing the tubing and pulling to make sure it's connected. Also, the leak did not come from the connections, but from the middle of the tube, it had split. I was surprised bc ive read that the PSI for thr tubging is 250 and the pump puts out 125 PSI.
  7. NHenn

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    This is what I use for all of my Mistking systems. The rating is 161 psi which is above what the pump can produce so you don't have to worry about the line bursting from just normal pressure. I got all of mine from Home Depot in the past but I think they stopped selling it so you might have to look for another retailer. It is a lot cheaper then the Mistking tubing.

    As for your line breaking, I'm assuming it is from heat or from UVB. This tubing will do the same thing if it is near a heat lamp as it will weaken the plastic until it breaks. If the tubing is under the UVB bulb, in time (6-12 months) it will slowly break down the plastic and will become brittle and start to crack. So no matter what tubing you are using make sure it isn't near the lamps.
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  8. nightanole

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    NSF 61 Polyethylene is what the good stuff is.
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  9. Connan_183

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    Thank you for giving me a resource and a brand!!!!! As far as the tubing being near the UVB bulb or lights, it was far from it! That's why I was kind of confused. I bought another tubing but it wasn't polyethylene and the PSI was only 60. I'm going to return it and buy the brand you suggested! thank you so much for your help! greatly appreciated!
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  10. Connan_183

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    Thank you!
  11. NHenn

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    @Connan_183 You are very welcome! That should solve all your tubing problems :)
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    This forum is great
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