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Hi, i think my girl got a laying probleme. About a week ago she was in her laying bin for 3 day in a row digging and do what she have to do but didn't lay. I look and no egg. Now this morning i found a egg in the laying bin but it was not burried. Like she just drop a egg from the top of the enclosure. Do i have to be concern? Do i have to see the vet? Or can i do someting befor that.


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Is the substrate damp enough to hold a tunnel?
What substrate are you using?
Was she mated?
Has she seen you watching her when she's digging?


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Substrate is 50/50 sand and soil she lay in it a couples of times before and i make sure i't was moist enought but may be it's wasn't this time. She see me for like 30 min a day in the room cause i have other reptile to take care. The egg are not fertilised. For basking i was told to reduce it so i just move the basking off set the branche so it will be less hot but don't realy know the temps. Feeding i im now on a arcadia feeding schedule once every other day 3 items at the times.


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So maybe i just make sure the substrate is well moist for tunel and put someting in front of her enclosure so she don't see me taking care of others.
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