Laying on the floor of enclosure, but responsive


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  • Chameleon - Female Jackson’s Chameleon, 6 months old, and has been in my care for 1 month.
  • Handling - Handled around 2-3 times a week
  • Feeding - Fed 3-5 medium-sized crickets, once every morning. Crickets are fed with orange cubes.
  • Supplements - Crickets are dusted with ReptoCal Calcium and VitaminD3 dust twice a week
  • Watering - I have a dripper that I keep on a steady drip all day and turn off at night. I mist every two hours since I live in a dry area. I have seen my chameleon drink from the dripper tube.
  • Fecal Description - Droppings are milky brown when fresh and are solid. She has not been tested for parasites.
  • History - The Petco I adopted her from told me she was housed with a male for 4 months before I adopted her. They never saw her mate, but I know she is pregnant because she has had two stillborns: one half-formed dropped the day I adopted her, and one more fully-formed about a week after the first.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Cage is glass with a screen top and glass doors that open out on the front. Dimensions are 3ft x 1ft x 2ft.
  • Lighting - ExoTerra 75 watt day and night bulbs, along with a UVB light. Day bulbs are on from 5:00 AM to 4:30 PM, night bulb is on from 4:30 PM to 5:00 AM.
  • Temperature - Temp range: 65 degrees Fahrenheit (bottom) to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (basking). I have an ExoTerra thermometer hanging on one of the walls to measure the temps.
  • Humidity - Humidity levels range from 70-80%. Humidity created with mist bottle. I have an ExoTerra hygrometer hanging on the same wall as the thermometer to measure the humidity.
  • Plants - I do not have live plants. I have a fake vine that runs throughout the terrarium and two fake plants, all ExoTerra brand.
  • Placement - Cage is located near the door, with a window about 5 feet away which provides natural sunlight. The top of the enclosure is around 3.5 feet from the floor.
  • Location - I live near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA.

Current Problem - My Jackson’s, named Nepeta, is currently on the floor of her enclosure with her eyes closed. I found her that way this morning after she had fallen asleep on the vine last night. She is laying out pretty flat, two of her legs tucked in beneath her, two legs sprawled out. Her eyes look sunken in, and when she tries to move, she looks like she’s struggling and can only do so for a short time before she has to stop. She started sleeping more than normal around two days ago, and as I mentioned above, she has had two stillborn neonates. However, Her coloration is still green except for her tail and back legs which have turned brown. She is also responsive and breathing, flinching away at a cricket that tried to climb over her. Something is definitely wrong with her, but since it’s Christmas Day none of the exotic veterinary places are open. I’m pretty sure she’s dying, but is it because of the pregnancy? Is it because she’s sick?


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If you can't take her to vet today take her first thing tomorrow and give her lots of fluids for now.


I agree pictures would help finding the cause. Also you might want to look up the symptoms online. I’m sure more experienced keepers like @Matt Vanilla Gorilla will chime in. Get a vet appointment ASAP if this continues... I’m worried that it might me MBD.


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I don’t think I have a laying bin, but she just died. I watched her eyes get big and scared-looking and then her tongue came out and now she’s not moving or breathing.


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Laying bin not needed with a Jax. Live birth.

No way for me to know for sure, but she was quite young to be having babies. It may have contributed to her demise.

Sorry for your loss. :(
Oh I didn't know that! You learn something new every day. Still a huge tragedy :(
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