Laying infertile eggs again?


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We have a female panther chameleon and she is approx 10 - 11 months old.

She laid the first batch of eggs on July 21st (32 eggs) and after that her weight dropped to 66 grams.
Over the last few weeks we have notice she was getting fat again and now she is at 94 grams.
She usually eats 2 horned or silk worms and approx. 6 -8 crickets per day.
There is no male around.

I have placed a laying bin in her enclosure and she is digging, but then moves to another spot to dig.

Isn't it too soon to lay another batch of infertile eggs?
its time

Watch her temps° and food intake. The higher the temps and the more food, the sooner to lay. I would maybe cut back on the hornedworms to a 2-3 a week & silkworms every 2-3 days. Hornedworms are high fat, & while silkworms are great for calcium, they can fatten her up also. If she is digging, she is most likely going to lay again. Slow her egg production down if you can, the more she produces the quicker she will probably pass.
37 eggs

Thank you for your reply. How many crickets would you suggest on a daily basis?

My girl laid 37 eggs today and she now weighs 70 grams.
my household

I'm gonna hear it now. But here goes. This is what my guys and girls are living. This summer I kept my males outside while taking my females outside early in the morning and evenings. My thermostat is set at 77°, however it is off a little bit. My actual temp in their room is 76-78°, while cooler at night. I run a floor fan on low and a huge holmes air filter all day (not directed at them). @ night, I run 2 floor fans on high. RH w/out misting is 60-65% average in room. I have only had both females gravid once the entire year, which is currently. I mated them both at beginning of august. Their crickets are free range with them, with food available so they don't bother chams. I offer superworms, hornedworms, & silkworms a couple times a week. Usually at 7am when the lights come on. That way they can work off the fatty part all day. I am sorry i don't have a definitive answer on exact numbers. if you need that number, PM me and i will give you several quotes from books that i have. Please anything else you may curious about, PM and i'll be glad to answer. I am afraid i may miss anything you post new. I tend to read threads only once as to read all new ones.
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