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Just a few questions regarding an egg laying bin. Checking the size of the bin, what would be the correct size. You place it in your existing cage mine being 18x36. Do you remove the plant in the cage that you have now. I am saying that because there would not be no room for the bin. Could you use another cage for laying. Don't know if she would be comfortable with that. This would be for non fertile eggs which I presume the same for fertilized eggs.
Thanks, Doug
Hi Doug!

You are right in thinking that it's best to have the laying bin in her every day enclosure. I use a 14x14 inch planter and yeah it's huge and heavy!

If there's not going to be room you could always get the largest bin that will fit and plant your plant in the bin as long as there's enough room for a tunnel.
Hey thanks I will go with the largest bin that will fit in her cage. As you surgested. Will see what happens.
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